Her voice is simple and unadorned. Flirting with her own pain and past, she crafts pretty pop melodies with lyrics of desperation, joy, loss.

    Long Gone Blond is a solo project from Maggie Maki. She is the producer, singer & songwriter behind the project. She records in her home studio in Los Angeles using both samples and live takes (digital & analog) over beats. Her samples are created from her own playing and sometimes include snippets from writing tapes done on an old-school 4-track.

    Her first release as Long Gone Blond was the Quiet Revolution EP (2012). She has since released follow-up singles Under the Hollywood Sign, It’s a Sunshine Day (cover of the cult classic) and her newest H.O.W. (her own way). All are available on iTunes.

    Her previous projects included Josephine the Singer.

    These songs were given a slight patina by Grundman Mastering.

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